What do you mix with honey for a face mask?

To make a homemade honey mask at home, mix a teaspoon of raw honey (manuka honey, if you want to splurge as much as possible), a teaspoon of turmeric and a generous splash of lemon juice or sprinkle apple cider vinegar. Here are five recipes for honey face masks that you can prepare with a few simple ingredients found in your kitchen. The combination of ingredients in this mask is the perfect antidote for red, irritated skin. An effective skincare routine doesn't have to be ruined and makes it easy to take advantage of the ingredients found in the kitchen.

If you have any allergies to bees or pollen, you may want to stay away completely, as raw honey may contain traces of bee pollen or other tree pollens, Plescia says. This combination with honey and just a touch of apple cider vinegar is detoxifying and hydrating at the same time. I don't recommend the combination of lemon and honey for very dry or sensitive skin, as lemon can irritate both. I also like to buy local honey, as it contains enzymes from local flowers and plants (so it's also ideal for keeping allergies at bay).

Sure, a honey face mask is a simple, single-ingredient mask, but that doesn't mean you can't include some add-ons if you feel like it. This is because honey, especially the manuka variety, has anti-inflammatory properties [1] and antibacterial [2] that soothe the skin and can keep acne breakouts at bay. Combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of honey, the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of turmeric, and the gentle exfoliating effects of yogurt, you'll get the perfect blend to brighten and soften tire-looking skin. Combined with the balancing and nourishing properties of honey, these 2 masks are a very powerful superfood for your face.

Combining it with honey is an ideal combination for sensitive skin and will leave you absolutely glowing. Professional tip: place the honey right in the hole in the avocado where the bone was and mash it with a fork until it is left with the skin. It has a higher price than regular raw honey, but it has many uses and I always have a jar on hand. Ground oats provide gentle exfoliation in this face mask and, when combined with honey, is very relaxing and soothing.

I love the combination of egg whites and honey, they work great together to create a hydrating, anti-aging and anti-acne face mask. I've tried several honey-based clean face masks from clean beauty brands that I love, so I decided it was time to do my own.

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